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Narragansett Hotels of the Gilded Age
Note: If you click on the name of any hotel that is underscored and in larger type, you will navigate to a page of vintage postcard views of that hotel.

Narragansett’s Hotel Era – mid 1800’s through early 1900’s
Information from William Henry Taylor’s “Memorys of Narragansett Pier”
(Son of Ezbon Taylor, Narragansett’s first Hotelier)
And also from 1978 Printing of “Narragansett Pier, Narragansett, Rhode Island”

The Arlington

Atlantic House
Built 1866 by Abijar Browning, 75 rooms, later doubled In size – on Ocean Road, only remaining hotel from this era as of 2012. Significantly modified from original. At one time the proprietor was S. T. Browning

Atwood House
Built 1866 next to Atlantic House by Joshua Tucker

Berwick Hotel
Formerly called the Mount Hope Hotel, renamed to Berwick. It was Ill-fated, according to Mr. Taylor, numerous problems. Sold in 1894 to Francis S. Kinney, who sold it for scrap at 1/3 its value, who built Kinney Lodge. Later renamed Carlton Hotel, then Dunes Carlton. Pulled down during 1960’s “revitalization” time – lot now primarily vacant.

Carlton Hotel
After Kinney’s death in 1908 the 30 room mansion was bought by A. Joy who renovated it for reuse as a hotel. Mr. Joy had an affinity for Ritz Carlton hotels, thus its new name. Later it became the Dunes Carlton, and pulled down in 1960’s.
now primarily vacant land (2012).

Becomes part of the Imperial.

Continental Hotel
Built in 1869 by Stephen Armstrong. A later owner was J. G. Burns, who moved it to the beach and renamed it the De La Plage.

De La Plage
Formerly the Continental.

Built by David Brigs on corner of Kingston Rd. and Mathewson. 50 Rooms, eventually becomes a wing of the Gladstone

Dunes Carlton
Formerly the Carlton – bought by Providence mayor Joe Doorley – it was pulled down during the 1960’s “revitalization” period to make room for apartments. Some exist toward the back of the property on Ocean Rd., but zoning laws prevented further building, and the oceanfront space is now vacant (2012).

Built in 1869 by Jeremiah Peckham on Kingston Rd. 50 – 75 rooms.


Gladstone Hotel
350 rooms, immediately adjacent to the Casino and the beach.

Greene’s Inn

Hazard House
Built in 1869 by John L. Hazard on Narragansett Ave. Burned down in the Fire of 1900 – now space occupied by the post office.

Imperial Hotel
Built 18?? by William Nye on Central Street. The Columbus became a part of it, but it eventually burned down.

Maxon House
Built 1869 by Edward Tucker – 100 rooms

The Mathewson
Built either 1858 or 1868 by S. W. Mathewson on Ocean Road, between the Old Narragansett House (Miramar now) and the Atlantic House.

The Massasoit
John Babcock, Proprieter

Built 1865 by John H. Caswell – 75 rooms, later doubled in size

Mount Hope Hotel
Built in 1869 by William G. Caswell – 200 rooms – much bad luck, Later renamed the Berwick Hotel, then sold to Francis S. Kinney, who sold it for scrap and built his Kinney Lodge, a private 30 room home.

Narragansett House
Built in 1856, managed by Ezbon Taylor – 50 rooms. Was the first “hotel” In Narragansett. The building was later moved, the site was purchased by Dr. Bache McE. Emmett, who built Miramar as a private home. He later sold it to Irving Chase, proprietor of Waterbury Clock Co. Miramar is still there (2012).

The Ocean House
On Caswell St. Proprieter Ernest Caswell

The Ormsbee
Robert Ormsbee, Proprieter

Pettaquamscutt House
Built 18?? by Peleg Brown (?)

Revere House
F. P. W. Tefft (informally known as “Rodman’s”

Built by L. G. Burns, enlarged to three times its original size.

Southern Hotel

Tower Hill Hotel & Cottages

Yellow Nook Tea Room and Motor Inn