Narragansett Historical Society

Love Letters to Narragansett
We recently received the following "love letter to Narragansett" from a Connecticut visitor to our town. With the 125th anniversary of the separation of Narragansett from South Kingstown rapidly approaching, it would be nice to be able to publish more love letters to Narragansett.

Dear Historical Society…

It is with great joy that I have been asked to write this letter… a love letter really.. . about how much I love your… or should I say… my Narragansett.

I discovered this perfect place on earth about sixteen years ago… on a blind date. The date was awful, but your town spoke to my soul. – your wall.. your beach.. the wonderful people I have met while sticking my feet in your water has been and always will be put into my memory box as one of the great moments of my life.

The water is majestic.. it moves and flows as if it has A LIFE OF ITS OWN. The sun, the seagulls, the sand… what more can I say... I love your town.. I love your state... and will always be grateful that I was one of the lucky ones that I had a chance to discover the most beautiful place on earth… Narragansett.