Narragansett Historical Society

People, Places, and Things in the History of the Town of Narragansett

Please help us to document Narragansett history by providing information about and images of the people, places, and things on these lists. These are not exhaustive lists; they are just some people, places, and things we are hoping to learn more about. There are many other historic figures, events, places, etc. that you may know about. Won't you share your knowledge. If you have knowledge about these topics or if you think there are other important people or places we should add to our list, please let us know. Send your information and thoughts to Richard Vangermeersch at


Arcaro, Judge Harold

Arnold, James N.

Arthur, Chester

Atherton, Humphrey

Babcock, Rev. William

Bacon, Nathaniel Terry

Ballard. Robert

Baur, Otto

Bennett, Harvey

Bone, Rev. W. Thomas

Borda, Avice Weed Sprague Wheaton

Borda, Mrs. ________ Bell

Bouvier, “Black Jack”

Bouvier, M.C., and the “Misses Bouvier”

Brewer, Nicholas R.

Brine, Walter “Salty”

Browning, Portia Sprague Whitney


Carsten, Robert

Caswell, Herbert

Caswell, Richard

Caswell, W. Herbert

Chafee, Zechriah

Chase, Salmon Portland

Church, Benjamin

Coman, Rex

Conkling, Roscoe

Cooper, James Fenimore

Daughter of Edwin Booth—Mrs. I.R. Grossman

Davis, Mrs. Jefferson

Davis, Winnie

Donaldson, Ethel Sprague

DuChazaud, Madame Inez Sprague Stiness

Dulles, John Foster

Dulles, Joseph H.

Dun, Robert G.

Earle, Edward

Ewing, Lucia Chase

Fisher, Irving

Grant, “Nelly” Mrs. U.S.

Greeley, Horace

Gwynne, Misses

Hancock, Maj. Gen. W.S.

Havemeyer, H.O.

Hazard, Caroline

Hazard, Jonathan

Hazard, Joseph Peace

Hazard, Rowland

Hazard, Thomas R.

Hickey, John

Hinckley, Frank

Hitchcock, Dr. Charles

Irving, Washington

Kane, Florence Brevoort

Kane, Peggy

Kinney, Francis Sherwood

Kissouth, Winifred J.W.

Knauss, Dean John

Lattimer, Sallie

Lee, Charles Peabody

Little, Royal

Lootjens, Maurice

McSparran, Rev. James

Mellon, Andrew


Miller, John W., Sr.

Moulton, Dr. F.D.

Mumford, Thomas


Onassis, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy

O’Niell, William

Pershing, General John

Randolph, Philip S.P., Sr.

“Reckless Charlie”

Regicide of Charles II suspect

Roberts, Dennis J.

Robinson, Hannah

Robinson, Rowland

Robinson, Dep. Gov. William

Ryan, Thomas

Salinger, Mrs. Jean

Saunders, Aldrich

Schneider, Claudine

Sculptor of Addition outside the Towers

Sculptor of Beach Statues 1 and 2

Sculptor of Wooden Indian

Sherry, Louis

Snead, Sam

Sprague, Amasa (1828-1901)

Sprague, Inez Weed Calvert

Sprague, Kate Chase

Sprague, William (1830-1915)

Sprague, Willie


Taylor, Ezbon, Jr.

Taylor, Ezbon, Sr.

Tefft, Thomas

Trainor, Raymond

Trainor, Sheila

Vanderbuilt, Cornelius

Verrazzano, Giovanni

Wanamaker, Thomas B.

Vogel, Marge Mrs.

Watson, Elisha

Watson, Irving

Watts, Judge

Westlake, George

Whaley, “Captain” Joseph

Whaley, Henry

Wharton, Rev. Francis

White, Sanford

Williams, Roger

Winthrop, John Jr.

Wood, Augustus B., Jr.

Wright, Ted

Wyatt, Otis


Anawan Farm

Atlantic House

Atwood Hotel

Aunt Carrie’s

Barnes Newberry Jr. House (Now Christian Brothers Novitiate)

Bass Rock Farm

Bayview Hotel

Berwick Hotel


Black Point

Bonnie Bourne Park

Bonnet Shores Beach Club

Bonnet Shores Pond

Bridge Point Commons

Burnside House

Camp Cronin

Camp Varnum

Canonchet Farm

Canonchet Hall

Canonchet Mansion

Canonchet Stables

Canonchet Statue

Carlton Hotel

Casino 1 and 2

Caswell Block



Coast Guard House

Columbus Hotel

Continental Hotel

Delawan House

Docks at Galilee

Docks at Narragansett Pier

Docks at South Ferry

Druid’s Dream

Dunes Carlton Hotel

Dunes Club 1 and 2


Elm Cottage


Fishermen’s Coop

Fishermen’s Memorial Park

Fort Adams

Fort Kearney

Fort Nathaniel Greene

Gale of 1815 Knowles Burial Site



Gibson Cottages

Gillians Lodge

Green Inn

Hazard Block

Hazard Castle

Hazard Tower




Hotel De La Plage


Imperial Hotel

Indian Rock

Indian Statue (wooden)

Indian Village (1300’s) near Salt Pond

John Chafee Preserve

Joseph Peace Hazard’s Proposed Burial Site

Kendal Green

Kinney Bungalow

Kinney Lodge

Knowles (J.R.) Farm


Lighthouse Inn

Lions Head

Mansion House

Massassoit Hotel

Matthewson Hotel

McSparran Hotel

Meadow View House

Metaxet Hotel

Middlebridge Holdings of Town


Mount Hope Hotel

Narragansett House

Narrow River

Ninigret Cottage


Ocean House

Oceanography Campus and Museum

Old Man’s Face Rock

Pettaquamscutt House


Point Judith Country Club

Point Judith Harbor of Refuge/Pt.Judith Breechway

Point Judith Lighthouse 1 2

Polo Fields

Reading Room

Revere House

Rockingham Hotel


Roger Wheeler Beach


Rose Nulman Park

Rowland Robinson House

St. Peter’s 1 and 2

Salt Pond

Salty Brine Beach

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Ruins (Windswept)

Sea Meadow

Sea View Farm

Sea View Hotel

Shore Acres


South County Museum

South Ferry

South Ferry Church

Southern Hotel

Sprague Park

Sprague Pond

Squaw Rocks (now Glacial Erratics)

Starr Cottage

State Pier #5


Stone Lea

Sunset Farm

Sunset Rocks

Surf Hotel

Suwanee Villa Carriage House


Town Hall 1 and 2


Village Commons

Water Tower at Earle’s Court

Wave Crest Tavern (Delman Realty)

Whimsey Cot

White Hall



Bandstand at Village Green

Beach “Peace Statues”

Bike Path

Blessing of the Fleet

Canonchet Fire, 1909

Canonchet, The Narragansetts, and Canonchet Farm: A Book of Annotated Readings

Champion Trees in Canonchet Farm

Cupid on Crutches, 1879

Fire, 1900

Firm of McKim, Meade and White

Gale of 1815

Gale of 1869

Gunning Rock

Historic and Architectural Resources of Narragansett

History of the Church of Narragansett

Hurricane Bob

Hurricane Carol

Hurricane of 1938

Industrial Park

Middlebridge (various)

Mural at Pettaquamscutt Historical Society (Narragansett Planters)

Mural in Town Hall

Narragansett By-the-Sea

Narragansett Herald

Narragansett in Vintage Post Cards

Narragansett Pacer

Narragansett Pier RR

Narragansett Plantations

Narragansett Times

Newspaper articles on Narragansett (various)

North Atlantic Squadron (visit of)

Ocean Walk

Point Judith C.C.


Post Cards of Narragansett

R.I. Philharmonic Concerts

Sea View RR

Ship Wrecks

“Southland” boat

Souvenirs of Narragansett Pier: 1884 to 1922 (forewords by Maury Klein, 1888, undated, 1884, 1885, 1888, 1891, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1922)


Sprague Bridge 1, 2, 3

Steamer “Mount Hope”



The Narragansett Pier Towers & Casino at the Turn of the Century: 100th Anniversary 1883-1983

The Sea View Railroad: Through he Woods and Across the Fields to Narragansett Pier

Tuna Tournaments

Walking the Wall

Walk on Beach


If you have information or knowledge about any of the above items, artifacts, things, groups, businesses, books, buildings, works of art, or people from historic Narragansett (or you know something interesting about other historic figures or events in Narragansett, please share your information or knowledge with us (and the rest of the world).