Explore Narragansett


The late Ted Wright conducting a trolley tour

If you’re looking to explore Narragansett and its rich history, we suggest the following resources.

South County Museum

A nonprofit museum that where Rhode Island’s coastal legacy has been celebrated for 80-plus years. Visit the museum’s website.

The South County museum provides information for self-guided walking tours of Narragansett. Find information about those tours here.

Trolley Tour

In the past, Narragansett could be toured via a classic trolley ride narrated by “Mr. Narragansett” himself.  These tours are not available currently, but we hope a new entity will offer such tours again in the near future. Please check back with us.

Friends of Canonchet

The Friends of Canonchet Farm is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 2007.  The organization helps manage Canonchet Farm with the Town of Narragansett, through a public-private partnership.  Canonceht relies heavily on the generoisity of friends and supporters.  There are beautiful natural, marked trails with native flora and fauna in Canonchet.   Visit the Friends of Canonchet web site.