The Windmill Building Update

We are putting the final touches on the Windmill Building on Clarke Road to make it our permanent home. The next step will be to mount the windmill blades and the hub. Some interior work is also being completed. We are grateful to members of the community who have so generously donated to allow us to make this project a reality, as well as the following who have donated their time and talent to this project:

– Keith Lescarbeau, Abcore Construction

– Davitt Design Build

– Lawrence Builders

– Pariseault Builders

– Sweenor Builders

The History of the Windmill Building

“The Windmill Building”

The iconic Windmill Building on Clarke Road in Narragansett is one of six remaining in Rhode Island. It was constructed in 1935 by Harold Bosworth as part of a residence, and changed ownership several times. It was also rented out, and subsequently in 1977 it was incorporated into Camp JORI (Jewish Orphans of Rhode Island.) Camp JORI’s nurse and her family lived there, and the building was used as an infirmary for campers for many years. We are working to make this our permanent location.

We’re uncovering more about the history of this building – including the discovery that it did indeed don blades at one point in time – and was an antique shop for a period of time.

We are grateful to the Town of Narragansett, and our many sponsors and grantors and hope more will join in this effort to restore this unique building to serve for our permanent home.