About Narragansett

Narragansett Pier

Narragansett Pier. Courtesy of South County Museum

A Brief History

Narragansett traces its history to the day Roger Williams fled the the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636. Read more about the town’s history.

Hotels of the Gilded Age

The cool sea breeze, relaxed atmosphere and proximity to New York City made Narragansett the Northeast’s premier leisure destination during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Explore these grand hotels.

Narragansett Street Scenes

The automobile changed forever America. Take a tour of Narragansett as seen from a car.

The Towers

The Towers

Iconic Places in Narragansett

From a hotel spanning the main road to a tranquil farm, the town is filled with several iconic places. Explore them.

Historical Homes

Perhaps more famous than their residents, these homes stood the test of time. Take a tour.

News Archives

News coverage of the day offered a first-person account of Narragansett. Read the news.