This site is dedicated to the history of Narragansett, Rhode Island, a beautiful seaside town with a rich and varied past, a vibrant present, and excellent prospects for a wonderful future. This is intended to be an active and growing site. Please bookmark our site and return to see what new information and pictures may have been added. Also, check back to stay apprised of our interesting and fun events.


Resources Developed by the Narragansett Historical Society:

Pamphlet for Self-Guided Tour of Defenses of Narragansett Bay. Click on the link below.

Defenses of Narragansett

Access the South County Museum’s Walking Tour of Narragansett. Click on the link below.

Self Guided Walking Tour

To see the recently completed chronology by Richard Vangermeersch, click on the link below. Note: Printed copies (in a binder) are available for a nominal $15 fee.

Narragansett Chronology

To see our most recent annual report (presented at our April 2019 Annual Meeting) Click on the link below.

Annual Report 2018


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