“Early New England Gravestones and the Stories They Tell”

Historic Gravestones Talk – Tuesday, October 29, 6:30 pm, at The Towers – Free

We are delighted to bring back Dan Goldman, who gave this talk for us three years ago to a full house and rave reviews.
This presentation is an entertaining and information look at the history of New England gravestone carving from the early years of settlement thru the turn of the 19th century.  The earliest grave markers in New England were made of wood or just fieldstone but  by the 1650’s the first professionally carved stones began appearing in burying grounds in and  around Boston. These first makers were carved by “The Old Stonecutter” and while his identity is  unknown his work still stares back at us thru the centuries in graveyards and burying grounds in Boston and surrounding towns. We will examine his work  as well as other stone carvers who worked throughout New England  in their own unique style. This slide presentation will not only examine the work of a variety of stones cutters but also the symbolism found on these silent artifacts. Lastly we will touch on how changes in religious attitudes during the late 17th century thru the end of the 18th century altered the imagery found in New England’s burying grounds.
Dan Goldman grew up in Rhode Island and from a young age became fascinated with the old burying grounds and cemeteries he passed by on a daily basis. Over 40 years later he still considers an ancient burying ground his “happy place” where he can be outdoors,  wander among the stones, and spend time with the work of carvers he has studied for years.
This event is free and open to the public – registration not required.
Presented by the Narragansett Historical Society in partnership with The Towers.

(Photo courtesy of John Sterling)