Narragansett News for June 8, 1888

A selection of news items from the Narragansett Times for Friday, June 8, 1888.

Narragansett Pier

A bridal party of note were expected at Greene’s inn yesterday.

The Delavan boasts two new signs, resplendent with black and gold.

Allan McLane of Washington has been spending a few days at the Pier this week.

W. A. Nye is having quite a large addition built to his stable at the Hotel Columbus.

The Metatoxet house opens this week and expects to have quite a number of guests arrive on Saturday.

A. I. Henshaw and family are expected this week at the Grinnell cottage which they have leased for the summer.

Augustus M. Cunningham has opened a law office at the Pier. He will occupy a portion of the Daily Times office.

Peleg Brown is again in Iowa buying horses. He expects to bring back with him two carloads, which will fill his quota for the summer.

Secretary of state Thomas F Byard is a brother of Mrs. Benoni Lockwood of New York, and who is one of the Pier’s summer residents.

Tucker & Briggs are to build an addition to C. H. Poe’s barn on Ocean road; one wing will be twenty-one by thirty-five feet in size and the addition in the rear eighteen by sixty seven feet.

S. Jacob arrived on Wednesday with a portion of his stock of antique goods for his casino store. He brought them over from Newport in a large sloop yacht. The collection includes some very fine terra-cotta statuary. Mr. Jacobs expects to open next week.

C. E. Boone will again have charge of affairs this season at the secretary’s office of the casino. He has engaged as his assistants captain E. A. Waterhouse, late of the regular army, and R. H. Love of Providence, who was in the office last year. The casino is expected to be open about the twenty fifth of June.

The granolithic pavement recently put in in front of the Casino restaurant has just been finished, and it is sure to prove a great improvement over the old sod ground there before. This pavement is laid in squares diagonally across the terrace, with the border on the outside. The material is fine crushed granite and Portland cement, and the surface when finished is a hard as marble.

The following were among the guests registered at Greene’s inn during the past week: Mrs. William M. Ivins, Miss Lizzie Des Agnes, James Gamble, New York; A. A. Howe, S. A. Howard, Boston; A. E. Gilberg, Chicago; G. N. Robinson, Brooklyn; Mrs. M. Boyd, The Misses Boyd, Master Boyd, Philadelphia; Frank B. Grant, S. H. Wesson, S. R. Wigldman, Mrs. W. A. Peek, Miss Peek, Miss Aborn, Providence; Henry A. Talbot, Barnegat, New Jersey.
The wagons and horses for the Adams Express company have arrived and have been put in service. John Eldred of Wakefield, who was in the employ of the company here last season, has charge of one delivery wagon and Charles S. Snow from the Providence office is the messenger upon the train, while agent Peabody finds enough to busy him in the office work in view of the increase in the express business that has already commenced.

Mrs. E. H. Carver is making extensive alterations to the T. T. Tucker house on the South Pier road, which, with adjoining land she purchased last year. Wings have been added on each end, a wide piazza encircles the entire front, a large outside chimney of brick and stone has been built on the west end and a large octagonal library erected on the east. The stone work is all of rough field stones, producing quite a unique effect. J. Denico has done the stone work and A. Congdon the wood work. Mrs. Carver will probably occupy the house when completed as she has rented her cottage on Central street.

J. D. Caswell has been making a number of changes and improvements in the interior of his Exchange place store this spring. The entire store has been painted and decorated. The office has been removed to a room in the rear. Now on the left of the entrance is the dry goods department and in front the millinery department, while on the right are the groceries, and in front the boots and shoes. The centre of the store is filled with Yankee notions, with counters surrounding them on three sides. The addition used last year for fruit has been fitted up as a bathing goods department, fronting on Beach row and occupying a fine room. And Mr. Caswell has the store fairly running over with fine goods, in fact he has bought this year the largest stock he has ever carried, and the store was never so well adapted to show goods. His millenary department will open on June fifteenth, with Miss Wilcox again in charge.

Miss Libbie Brown has taken a position in J. D. Caswell’s store.

William Shannon has opened his shoemaking shop on Beach row.

A new regulator ornaments the office of the station agent at the Pier depot. It is expected to furnish the official and correct time for the road.

The following is the summary of the weather for the month of May as taken from the observations of signal officer J. O. Conway at the station here: Mean temperature, 54°; highest temperature during month, 78° on the twenty ninth; lowest, 32° on the third; greatest daily range of temperatures, 28° on the seventh and twenty ninth; least daily rain, 5° on twenty-eighth; total precipitation during month, seven and twenty-nine hundredths inches (7.29); number of days rain fell, twenty; prevailing direction of wind, south west. In one shower on the twelfth there were 2.42 inches of water fell between one o’clock a.m. and seven a.m. in six hours.

Job lot of Tools and Hardware for sale very cheap at George Rodman’s, Peace Dale. — Adv.