South Ferry Church

South Ferry Church

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South Ferry Church, circa 1850, is located 1,000 feet from Narragansett Bay, on a hilltop on South Ferry Road, making it a prominent landmark for sailors.  The Victorian church was designed by Thomas A. Teft, a well-respected 19th Century architect from Providence.  The church was constructed for the Narragansett Baptist Church.  The church is located in what was once south ferry’s textile village.  As the local textile industry began to decline, the neighborhood also began to falter, and the church congregation moved to another location.  The South Ferry Memorial Society took over the church, saving it from being moved, and reconstructing it after it was damaged in the Hurricane of 1938.  The church, by that time, had become a place of worship for all religions.

Ownership of the church, designed by Thomas A. Teft, was granted to the University of Rhode Island in 1974.  Friends of South Ferry Church serves as a stalwart steward of the church, protecting it from architectural change and deterioration.

South Ferry Church was added to the National Registry of Historic Places on November 25, 1977.

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