March 25 — Learnings from a Chronology — Presentation and Discusssion

Event:  “History of Narragansett:  A Chronology of Major Events 1800 – 1999” – Saturday, March 25, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Free – Maury Loontjens Memorial Library

Professor Richard Vangermeersch has completed a lengthy research effort of major Narragansett events over a two-hundred-year span and has published a chronology, which he will present on Saturday, March 25th, at 2:00 pm.  In addition to an overview, he will present “Interesting Tidbits”  (among the topics is The Issue of Gambling in Narragansett at the turn-of-the-century.)  Conversation and exchange of ideas are encouraged.  The presentation will be facilitated by Narragansett Historical Society board member, Sue Bush.   A limited number of the chronology binders  will be available. One of the major purposes of this presentation is to spur further interest and more in-depth study of particular topics.