Mathewson Hotel

MathewsonThe Mathewson Hotel was constructed c. Built either 1858 or 1868 by S. W. Mathewson on Ocean Road, between the old Narragansett House (Miramar now) and the Atlantic House. It was one of the largest and most popular hotels, having been enlarged several times, such that it could accommodate up to 500 guests. The Mathewson was known for its upscale accommodations, including fine dining, hot and cold, fresh and sea water baths in some rooms, and an expansive piazza overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel did not attract enough visitors, some believing the hotel was unable to adapt to changing social and economic conditions. The hotel was therefore torn down in 1919.

(Information source: Latimer, Sallie W., “Images of Narragansett by the Sea,” 1997.)