Revere House

The Revere House was built in 1854-1855 by Captain James H. Rodman. It opened for guests in the summer of 1855. He built lumber from Ezbon Taylor, who built the Narragansett just below the old Caino on the ocean front. The Revere had been built “back in the lot near the side of the Presbyterian Church” and was moved “down nearer to the ocean and added to.” For years it operated under the management of Captain and Mrs. Rodman. Mrs. Rodman was reportedly a fine cook. In 1887 it was managed by Freeman P. W. Tefft, who had worked at the old Elmwood, which was “an outgrowth” of Benjamin Hardwin’s house, where he took borders – mostly fishermen. A newspaper article from May 4, 1928 indicates that a fire swept through the hotel the prior Saturday morning. Mrs. Gladys R. Nye owned the Revere at the time of the fire, and was a granddaughter of Captin Rodman. The fire consumed the entire structure with the exception of the brick chimney and portions of two walls, despite the efforts of four fire companies that had responded. Mrs. Williams, who lived nearby, had reported hearing an explosion then looking over to see a glare at the hotel.