The Rockingham

The Rockingham was built by J. G. Burns on Exchange Place – adjacent to today’s post office. Originally constructed as The McSparran in 1883, it was enlarged several times. After its completion, the hotel re-opened as “The New Rockingham” in 1898. The hotel featured 150 guest rooms with hot and cold fresh and sea water, large piazzas overlooking the ocean and the Narragansett Casino, immediately across the street, as well as electric lighting and an impressive ballroom, decorated in white and gold. An orchestra provided daily entertainment for guests during season. The Rockingham was destroyed by a fire which started on the hotel’s top floor in September 1900. The Narragansett Casino was also a casualty of this fire, as were other Pier buildings.
(Information source: Latimer, Sallie W., “Images of Narragansett by the Sea,” 1997.)